One lucky YouTuber experienced an unexpected moment with BTS 's V, and it's all thanks to perfect timing! V. At the 2021 American Music Awards, BTS performed "My Universe" with Coldplay as well as their own award-winning song "Butter.". They also took home several awards, including the award for "Artist of the Year.". BTS's Jungkook is going viral for twerking at the 2021 American Music Awards! A viral fancam captured Jungkook dancing with his members and Coldplay's Chris Martin. ... BTS's Jungkook Twerked At The 2021 AMAs — Here Are 10+ Of The Best Reactions . He's going viraland we're going insane. Lists. Sandy Lyons. November 23rd, 2021. 2015. 10. 5. · Oh boy~ Jimin: We all know how this worked out. He’d go all in after watching you and probably staring at your butt but A for effort jiminie but his angry butt would scare you off. rip. No one gets to twerk like Jimin. Jungkook: He’d watch you intently as you demonstrate, literally only so he can master the art on his first try and be better than you let’s be real he’s.

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